Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tony's boat

My mate Tony has been burgled. He's been fitting out his boat home himself.
I mention it here because Tony has only recently started blogging and many boaters won't yet know his site. (Not that me posting it here will widen the readership much but hey ;-) It's here.
If anyone is offered an inverter, which is a "Sinergex 2kw pure sinewave model, still boxed" please let him know.
So sorry Tony.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Carrie.

It's horrible being burgled, but I'm really heartened by the support I've had, both from friends and other boaters.

I'm hoping that by letting as many people know about this as possible, it will help make it harder for the thief to sell it (and I wouldn't underestimate the difference you've made by posting this!).

Tony x

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Carrie. That is dreadful. People have no respect for the property of others.
I have posted a message on Tony's blog. xx