Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My own private hideaway

Ok, it's not mine, it's not private and I'm not hiding, but it IS a lovely little secluded wharf off the main Macclesfield canal!

Simon (nb Tortoise) came to help move the boat down through Bosley locks which had just opened after stoppages, though I really just used that as an excuse to get him to come and work that damn electric swing bridge for me (by the Royal Oak) that is such a pain to solo boaters ;-) Thanks Simon!
I do like Bosley locks, all arranged at a perfect distance from each other - not too far to walk between, room to tie up, great views, interesting sde pounds, plenty of fallen wood along the way to gather up. At the bottom of the flight, it's very peaceful. You can see The Cloud when it's not too cloudy! We met up with some friendly boaters I'd already met on the Peak Forest canal and shared some cider, wine and Bombay Mix - a very nice combination indeed.

When the stoppages ae over at Red Bull junction, I'll be on my way again, but for now, me and the furry one are enjoying all the woodland walks we can explore. Bliss!


Simon said...

actually the swing bridge is the best excuse I get to hold up several 4x4s for as long as possible. Well, without getting beaten up, anyway... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the BEAUTIFUL photos. It looks fantastic.