Monday, 2 November 2009

Ashby canal & UK Coal

This photo is a couple of years old, when I was on the Ashby canal. Back then I remember reading about hopes of restoring/extending the canal up to Measham but as usual, money was the problem.
Now I see that UK Coal is planning on developing an open cast mine near the village of Measham. One of the sweeteners? Extension of the canal! There is strong local opposition as can be seen on their protest website even though it seems that people do generally want the canal to reach their village. Much as I'd like to be able to continue a little further along that pleasant stretch of water, knowing I'd be heading towards the envionmental nightmare of an open cast mine would put me right off. Good luck to the people of Measham in their fight.


Tony said...

I understand that the BBC are covering new works on the Derby, Grantham and Ashby canals, on Inside Out, Monday 9th November at 7:30pm.

It's not the whole programme, and it's only on BBC East Midlands, though it should be available on the net afterwards.

Anonymous said...

oh, missed that Tony. I wonder if they mentioned the coal plans?