Monday, 28 September 2009

Narrowboat cafes

I was thinking about how it might be fun to run a little cafe, a sort-of pot luck place with one set meal. Then I was day-dreaming about having that on a narrowboat and was remembering the couple of boats I've come across that are floating cafes - one popular place at Braunston called Gongoozler's Rest and another somewhere up the Oxford canal, above Great Heywood i think it was. I didn't try the first because it was all non-vegan fry-ups, but the second was lovely, moored next to a little orchard and garden with the fruit from the trees piled in glass bowls on the deck.. wish I could remember the name. Anyway, I was thinking about this when along came 'Dr Bradley's Linctus' - a boat belonging to Colin, a much-appreciated ally from Canal World Forum ;-) It was great to meet him in person and see inside the boat he is fitting out to be ......a cafe!!
One end is also to be a bookshop - how perfect is that!


Simon said...

a canal bookshop/cafe - perfect idea, it really is. An idea for Derek, too (although he'd need a widebeam at the very least).

Was the one on the Oxford you're thinking of 'Pan'?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the one thank you!

Dr Bradleys Linctus said...

Finally found your website after plowing through sites on Beatles songs. Now I see you spreading my fame! If your still there when I'm next on the Peak Forest, you'll have to show me the delights of New Mills.


Carrie said...

It would be my pleasure! I'll look forward to seeing how the fit-out is progressing. Happy cruising till then..
- Carrie

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